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Cristina Scabbia

Lacuna Coil

Tairrie B Murphy

My Ruin

Cristina Scabbia is an Italian singer and lyricist, best known as one of the two vocalists in the Italian Gothic metal band Lacuna Coil. She also writes an advice column in the popular rock magazine Revolver.

After several meetings at a few well know rock venues Alex and Cristina created the "I'm No Saint Ring". which is now available in the SCA Shop.


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Singer/scream queen and Blasphemous Girl designer Tairrie B worked with Alex to create a unique ring to celebrate the release of their new 7th album "A Southern Revelation" .  we are proud to reveal The 'Mi Ruina' Ring which is featured in My Ruin's latest video for "Tennessee Elegy".


Marie Korner 

Marie Korner Photography

Nina Kate

Jane Doe and Hollywood Villians

Marie Korner is an internationally published photographer, who has been accredited photographer for Guns N Roses, Iron Maiden, Alice in Chains to name but a few. Marie has spent time with Alex designing her very own collection of ring "The Gala Ring Collection". which is now in the SCA shop


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Michel Langevin


Michel "Away" Langevin is the drummer for Canadian avant-garde metal band Voivod. He is also a renowned artist producing the iconic cover art for all the Voivod albums and also the album from Dave Grohls' side project band. Probot. We have worked with Michel to bring his unique futuristic style to life with "The Away ring", now available in the SCA shop.


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Model/Actress/Designer Nina Kate, has been at the forefront of cutting edge latex design.

With customers including Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson and just about every fetish/pin up supermodel around.

So it was a natural progression for Nina and Alex to work together to create some truly unique peices such as Jane Doe silver edition toe tag, Large skull pendant,Vintage brass skull ring..

They are all available in the SCA Shop


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Butcher Babies

Carla Harvey

Carla Harvey is a Los Angeles based author, musician and artist. Smitten with tales of the infamous Sunset strip, she made the pilgrimage to Hollywood from her native Detroit where she got her first break as an Entertainment Reporter for the Playboy Channel.  She boasts a variety of Film and TV credits, but Harvey’s favorite role is as the metal crooner with a sense of the macabre for her band Butcher Babies. "Fetal Skull Ring Spike", now available in the SCA shop.


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