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Carla Harvey

Carla Harvey is a Los Angeles based author, musician and artist. Smitten with tales of the infamous Sunset strip, she made the pilgrimage to Hollywood from her native Detroit where she got her first break as an Entertainment Reporter for the Playboy Channel.  She boasts a variety of film and TV credits, but Harvey’s favourite role is as the metal crooner with a sense of the macabre for her band Butcher Babies.



“I approached Carla after randomly discovering her artwork online which sparked an idea to recreate her pieces and reimagine them as jewellery. With a very distinctive style and concept to her work, we have created the Fetal Skull "Spike" ring as the first in an ongoing collaboration where we will be bringing more of her dark art to life.” Alex Palmer, SCA


"Fetal skulls have always been one of my favourite things to draw.  To me they represent a sort of captured innocence, and remind me of the time i spent as an embalmer working with infants at the mortuary.  Some might find it morbid, but I saw working with children and infants as a gift that taught me to be kinder, a bit more patient and appreciative of my own life.  I love giving each of my fetal skulls a distinct personality, and Alex Palmer perfectly captured little Spike's charm with this collaboration."    Carla

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