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War Machine ring front web.jpg

"OH MY GOD!! I just received the gift for Vanessa directly from London, made to measure for her! Thank you very much Alex, you're awesome time I'll choose something for myself." 

Tommy Tremblay

"Just received the EHG ring for my wife.....just an awesome awesome job...just wanted to say thank you so much...and all the best. You are a true craftsman and my wife loves it! Thank you!!"

Sven Bigg

"Born to Lose, Live to Win. I live by that and to have it engraved on the Ace of Spades ring and worn on my wedding ring finger kind of cements my love to rock and roll. Seventh Circle Artworks created something really special".

Custom engraved Ace Of Spades ring.

Katie Doherty

“I had a blast creating this gorgeous piece with Alex Palmer the man behind the metal of Seventh Circle Artworks in London, England.” – Tairrie B Murphy of LA metal band My Ruin on creating the Mi Ruina rings she designed for us.

Tairrie B Murphy

“WOW!!!!! So so amazing!! You totally killed it man! LOVE IT!!!”

Custom made Eyehategod ring

David Dyadyuk

“An amazing custom skull ring from the totally sick Seventh Circle Artworks Jewellery run by badass extraordinaire Alex Palmer. Thank you brother, it's humanly impossible to like it more than I already do.”

Large silver skull ring

Otto Largarde


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