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Seventh Circle Artworks started in 2009 by  Alex Palmer, with the idea to create rock and roll jewellery with an edge.  Jewellery that would be hand-crafted using both traditional and modern techniques.


“After studying fine art and sculpture at the Sir John Cass faculty of the University of East London in the late 90’s I started working in London’s World famous jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden.  After a few years I decided to incorporate my knowledge of sculpture and fine art and teach myself wax carving with a view to creating my own jewellery designs.


An opportunity arose in 2009 when a favourite band of mine, Saint Vitus reformed for a festival show in Holland in April. I decided to make my first piece using their V logo as an inspiration. Following a few emails between the bands manager and myself I was soon flying out to Holland with 25 of these limited edition rings to sell at the festival. All sold out in a matter of hours and are now considered to be rare collectors items. That was the point when I decided to make this a more serious business.  Since then I have gone on to collaborate on various pieces with other bands and designers including Turbonegro, Candlemass, The Obsessed and Morbid Angel, singers Tairrie B Murphy and Cristina Scabbia and alternative clothing designer/model Nina Kate.”

– Alex Palmer.


“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” – Banksy.



Alex Palmer founder of SCA


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