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Tribe Of Pazuzu ring

Tribe Of Pazuzu ring

A ring forged in hellfire. In the context of old-school death metallers, Tribe Of Pazuzu, said ring was cast in the likeness of Pazuzu, the King Of All Demons.

Bearing the sigil of the beast, this hand-crafted silver ring invokes the malevolence found within their music... a brutal, metallic, creation of death metal might.

TRIBE OF PAZUZU features Flo Mounier (CRYPTOPSY, VLTIMAS), John McEntee (INCANTATION), and Randy Harris (ex-MACIFICATION, ex-PORNO). The Tribe are led by mainman Nick Sagias (SOULSTORM, ex-OVERTHROW, ex-PESTILENCE).

Available in sizes M-Z+2


Please state size when ordering.

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