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Tiwaz – The God Tiw (Tyr) Rune Pendant

Tiwaz – The God Tiw (Tyr) Rune Pendant

Tiwaz – The God Tiw (Tyr) Rune Pendant

“Tir is a particular token; it holds trust well
With noble folk; it is ever on a journey
Over nights’ mists; it never deceives”

Origin of runes:
Runes were used by Germanic tribes from at least 1800 years ago. The runes were more than just a system used for writing, they were integral to their spiritual and religious culture. They were frequently used for spell casting, for protection and success in battle as well as for healing.

The mythological origin of the runes is described in the Havamal, part of the Icelandic Viking collection of poems called the Eddas.
We have recreated some of these magical runes in the form of solid silver pendants.

20 grams of solid sterling silver and 2 X 2.5 cm in size.

Each one is hand-crafted and hung on an adjustable black cord.

If you would like a different rune symbol made for you please contact us at or complete the contact us at the bottom of the page.
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